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Derry Ridge Interiors

This was the toughest client we have had... us. When we purchased the property, it looked like a well-built alpine cabin with spectacular views. We could have gone the direction of a rustic, or minimalist California style, but it would not have been particularly challenging or interesting to do so. Instead we chose an eclectic style with a colorful and refined palate. It embraces complementary and analogous colors in the main living spaces, leaving some of the special purpose rooms to be recreated with monochromatic color schemes in saturated colors, with a jewel box effect. The four bedrooms and mother-in-law suite at the garden level all support their unique styles while retaining a cohesiveness through the main color story. All the areas have been redesigned with a distinct purpose of making spaces that are functional, welcoming to guests, are comfortable, and that embrace "la dolce vita". For example, even though the house afforded the space to have a large independent dining room, we chose to design an eat-in kitchen where friends and family can gather to cook, eat, and "be" in that room. The house looks brand new but has a remarkably lived-in feel. The decor, china, and soft furnishings include items that have been curated from all over the world.

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