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05-2019-05-09 Condo 2021_Dining Night2.jpg

High-Rise Condo

We were tasked with turning this 1,000 square foot condo from a 1 bedroom/1 bath to a 2 bedroom/1.5 bath home… with a study, library, dressing room, and large kitchen. From the entryway you are afforded a view of the city through the windows, with a library to the right and a coat closet to the left. The living room lies straight ahead. To the left of the living room, is the master suite including a bedroom, a large dressing room that houses the washer/dryer, and an expanded bathroom with dual vanity and a linen closet. To the right of the entry is the second bedroom with a study, which has a wall of glass that looks out to the dining room and into the kitchen. By utilizing grinder pump technology, we are able to move the kitchen closer to the windows filling it with light. Additonally, the same type of pump is intended for the powder room.

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